Thursday, 1 March 2012

25 FEB 2012

This week i played some dope album tracks mainly from East coast artists/groups in the first hour.
Had no real theme for the second hour-playing Oldskool Hip Hop,Electro Rap & West Coast.

Apologies for not uploading last weeks show as i had problems uploading to my server. I tried several times through out the week to no avail.
This show & tracklisting is available on request. Just email me or leave a comment is you require this show.



1.Big Daddy Kane-I'll Take You There
3.Stetsasonic-Go Stetsa  I
4.MC Shan-MC Space
5.Dismasters-You Must Be Crazy
6.Xclan-Tribal Jam
7.Original Concept-Here Come The 5-Oh!
8.Tuff Crew-Detonator
9.Mantronix-We Control The Dice
10.Run Dmc-They Call Us Run-Dmc
11.Mantronix-Music Madness
12.Strictly Business-Because I`m Housin
13.Cash Money & Marvelous-Time Is Up
14.Ultramagnetic MC`s-Feelin It
15.Kool G Rap & DJ Polo-Cars
16.Roxanne Shante Feat Steady B-Fly Shante
17.Rock Hill-Rock The Beat ( Gorilla Club Mix)
19.DST-The Home Of Hip Hop
20.Treacherous Three-UFO
21.Synergy-Project 5
22.Ultimate Choice-Set It Off
23.Toddy Tee & The Beteram Crew-L.A Is A Jungle
24.Midi-Kool Is Chillen
25.Mic Bay B-Washed Up
26.Dynamicly Def-Crush`in


Sunday, 12 February 2012

11 Feb 2012

Played Miami Bass & Florida Rap in the first hour of this weeks Underground Chapter. Followed that with some west coast electro rap & finished back on the East coast with some classic old skool tunage.

Hope you enjoy the show!!!


1.Gucci Crew II-Straight From The Bottom
2.Young & Restless-Louie, Louie
3.Byron Davis & The Fresh Krew-I`m Down Wit It
4.Gigolo Tony-Mouth Of The South
5.Gansta Bass Alliance-Freaky Girls
6.Success N Effect-Robo`s Housin
7.Danny D & DJ Wiz-Get On Up & Dance
8.Easy G & Blind-Phoney People
9.Magnetic Force-Hip Hop Bystander
10.C Way & The Party Patrol-Hall Of Shame
11.The Rappin Lords-Bad Self
12.DJ KJ & Mc Kooley C-Just Look & Listen
13.The Afro Rican Connection-It`s Live
14.Twyce As Nice-Cause Or A Crime
15.Sorcery-The Test
16.A.Q & DJ Larche-And My Beat Goes On
17.Master K.A-Computer Rock
18.MC MDS-ill Eagel
19.Kid Frost-Terminator
20.The Dynamic Due Feat Shaquan-Knights Of The Turntables
21.Impact-The Def Beat
22.The Future-It`s Easy
23.PC Crew-Dougee Fresh Vs The Beat Box
24.Two Tuff-The Cold Crush ( Manhatton Rock)
25.MC Flex & The FBI Crew-Rockin It
26.High Fidelity Three-B Boy Breakdance


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

04 Feb 2012 6th Anniversary Show

Did a 3 hour special show this week to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of The Underground Chapter. Started the first hour with some obscure tunage followed by some dope oldskool rap,electrorap & golden era.
Gangsta Rap followed just before the 2 hour mark including the blinding Scarface cut off the geto boys 1990 amazing self titled album.
The final chapter of this special show i played some more electrorap & golden era from various parts of the USA finishing off back in the UK with Ultimatum.

Thanks to everybody that managed to tune in, all of you in the chatroom & all the podcasters.Respect!!

Special Thanks goes out to DJ Deckstrous for his fresh 6th Anniversary Jingle-Props Steve!!

Finally Props again to Gordy & EF-The GFR Kings.

Peace & hope you enjoy the show.

1.Tyrants In Therapy-Three People (Nude Below The Waist)
2.Soma Holiday-Shake Your Molecules (The Neutron Dance)
3.The Knights Of The Turntables-The Knights Fly To Mars, And Venus With Their Dog,Woodpecker, And Cat.
4.The Beat Box Boys-Einstein
5.Deftizer Kool Tone & The East Coast Posse-Never Ending Story
6.JC & The Boyz-Peace
7.Renegade MC-Wabbit (The Roger Dance)
8.Jose El Rey-Safety First
9.Double D-Autobotic Body Rock
10.Joy Vogel-Beat Box (Male Mix)
11.Africa Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force-Frantic Situation (Instrumental)
12.West Street Mob-Break Dancin-Electric Boogie
13.Masterdon Committee-Gonna Get You Hot
14.Sons Of Harlem-Harlem Rap
15.The Boo Yow Boyz-We Came To Rock
16.Jake & Jay-My Caddy
17.A-tack-My Car
18.Rob-R-Rock-Cash Money (Tunnel Mix)
19.Lady The Boss-Knowledge Is Power
20.MC Connection-Ridiculous Bass
21.Baby T & Devious D-Street Life
22.Little Run-I`m Little Run
23.N.W.A-Dope Man
24.Geto Boys-Scarface
25.Joe Black-It Ain`t Where Ya From (Raw Version)
26.Big Ocean Mobb 415-Big Ocean
27.L.S.D-It`s Fresh
28.Chilly Uptown-Doggin It Like This
29.Live & Direct-Rock Bass Line
30.2 Bad 2 Be 4 Real-I Don't Play
31.Phase & Rhythm-Hyperactive
32.The Funke Natives-Warning
33.The Chosen Two-This Is Talent
34.A.K.R-You`re Not Down
35.MC Desire-I Devistate
36.Ultimatum-Real Beat


Thursday, 2 February 2012

28 JAN 2012

Played an hour UK Tunage in the first part of this weeks show followed a mixture of East,West Coast & Miami rap & electro. Enjoy!!

Next week we have a Special 3 Hour show to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of the Underground Chapter. It all started back on the 4th of february 2006. Just like to send out props to Gordy & EF, all the GFR Dj`s, & everybody thats tuned in or supported my show & not forgetting all the podcasters from around the world.

Peace Markdjos.

1.Newtrament-London Bridge Is Falling Down (Vocoder Mix)
2.Mc Duke-Running Man (Kunte Kinte)
3.Kulture Skool-Experiment
4.The Criminal Minds-illegal Procedure
5.The Blapps Posse-Don`t Hold Back
6.New Wave Poets-Rude Awakening
7.DJ D.Zire-No Mc No Comment
8.Mo Witch Projekt-Weapon Of Choice (Seon Titanium Remix)
9.Mc Merlin-Megablast
10.Huntkillbury Finn & Shaka Shazzam & The Icepick-Burial Proceedings In The Coarse Of Three Knights
11.Dereck B & Easy Q-Bullit From A Gun
12.The Criminal Minds-Widowmaker (Retouch)
13.DJ Magic Mike -Magic & Islaam`s Groove
14.Double J-The Hitman
15.Mc`s Of Rap-C.P.Boogie
16.Shakespeare & The Last Empire-My Old Jams Still Slam
17.The New Style-Scuffin Those Knees
18.Raw Dope Posse-Posse Overload
19.Priority One-This Stage Is My Stage
20.Jus Def -Warpath
22.Universal Krush Kru – Live On The (Nite Beat)
23.JJ Fad-Anotha Ho
24.Sugar Style-Weekend Toiz
25.World Class Wreckin Cru-The Fly


21 JAN 2012

Nu Skool Electro all the way this week + a few new mixes that include some oldskool tunage.

Hope you Enjoy,


2.DJ Mirage-Mastermix
3.Invisible Rockers Crew-The Electrology Mix
4.FTL-Progressive Science
5.B-Boy Junior Rock-Art Of Mixing
7.Subsonic Destruction-Da Sub Attack
8.Dynamik Bass System-Innovator (DBS Remix)
9.XED-Vocoder Fiend (Part 2)
10.Mekon Feat Roxanne Shante-What's Going Off?
11.Len-Cold Chillin
12.Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message (Paul Nice's Super Duty Bootleg Mash Up)
13.X Men Vs Ice T-Silvadope
14.Mr Lif-Live From The Plantation
15.Stex-Drop That Bass
16.Dj Overdose-Uh Uh Baby


Saturday, 21 January 2012

14 JAN 2012

Had a theme for this weeks show from the Oldskool west coast pioneering record label "Egyptian Empire Records".This was only a small taste from their impressive back catalogue of Dope Electro & Electro Rap tunage.
Also played the latest offering from Australia`s finest-Def Wish Cast that can be found on vinyl at Dominance Records.

Enjoy the show!!!

Peace Markdjos.

1.The Egyptian Lover-Egypt Egypt
2.MC Kid P With Incredicrew-King In Def Poetry
3.Rodney O-Your Chance To Rock
4.The Mechanic-Sweat
5.The Egyptian Lover-Computer Love (Sweet Dreams)
6.Uncle Jamm`s Army-Whats Your Sign
7.Rodney O & DJ Joe Cooley-Supercuts
8.World Class Wreckin Cru-Mission Possible
9.Jamie Jupitor-Computer Power
10.The Egyptian Lover-The Dark Side Of Egypt
11.Rodney O-Everlasting Bass
12.Aztec Tribe-Diego Town
13.The Egyptian Lover-Dance Floor
14.Ceeonic-The Sound In Your Ear
15.Rodney O & DJ Joe Cooley-Me & Joe
16.Knightz Of Bass-Two Turntables,One Mic & The Beat.
17.The Egyptian Lover-Ultimate Scratch (Part II)
18.Success N Effect-Let The Music Play
19.Rodney O-These Are My Beats
20.Ultimate II & Speedy J-It`s Blue
21.The Egyptian Lover-Dance
22.Def Wish Cast-Dun Proppa
23.Rodney O-Evon Is On
24.DJ Cheese-Cheese Is Back
25.J.B.Beat-Freak City
26.The Egyptian Lover-My House On The Nile


Sunday, 15 January 2012

07 Jan 2012

First Underground Chapter of 2012 & just like to wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Kicking off with some  "Golden Era" & "Random Rap" in the first hour & followed by a mixture of Electro Rap,Electro & Gangsta Rap.

Hope you enjoy the tunes-Peace!!

1.Most Wanted-Calm Down
2.Just The Two Of Us-Most Valuable Poet
3.Poison Ladd SLR & Beats In General-Rock The 8
4.Point Blank-Unlimited Success
5.MBS-Coming By Storm
6.MC JT-Soloflex
7.N Effect-That One Beat
8.Ameer Stein-A Day Without A Rhyme
9.Jus Def X Town Posse-2 Steps Above The Law
10.MC Hard Rard & DJ Rob Fresh-Newcomer Of The Year
11.Courageous Cheif-Go!
12.MTDK-Empire City`s Finest
13.Baby T & Devious D-This Beat Is Funky
14.Sorcery-Woo Baby
15.BK & FM-Just Call Me BK
16.Full Resistance-The Groove Is Pumpin
17.MC Groove feat DJ Mack-Def Rock
18.Positive Charge-Power Every Hour
19.Mr Tuxedo & King Stro-Cadillac
20.Left & Right Shoe Mc`s-Its Your Chance
21.Rhyme Master Mr Spyce-Earth Rap
22.Rusty P & The Sure Shot 3-Breakdance New York Style
23.G Force-Feel The Force (Promo Version)
24.Critics Choice-Young Boys
25.The C.L.O.C-Searchin
26.Aztec Tribe-Straight From The Zone